About Us

We help create magical, everlasting memories for you to treasure forever

We have over 30 years of combined experience on planning and precisely executing, large military; corporate; sporting and social events. Producing exciting, memorable and "WOW" moments is what makes up our DNA.

  • The best thing about memories is the part where we get to make them.

    A little history behind it all...

    You'll find us mentioning Bell Tents, Wigwams and Teepee's quite a lot around here, so here's a bit about what they are and where they came from:

    Bell Tents: The Bell Tent design was first started to be used by European militaries as far back as the 9th Century, and the design was in regular service with the British Army by the Crimean War (1853-1856). Around the same time, a US Army Colonel, Henry Hopkins Sibley, patented a tent that was licenced to the US Army. He took his inspiration from tipis he’d seen whilst serving on the Texas Frontier in the 1850s, and his tent featured a single centre pole and a vented “cap” for smoke from a stove to escape.

    Wigwams: These were the homes of Algonquian tribes of American Indians, made from trees and bark. These used poles bent and tied together to make a dome-shaped home. The outside was often covered in whatever materials that could be found at the time to insulate the construction.

    Teepee's: These were the homes of the Native Americans of the Great Plains. As they were nomadic tribes (constantly moving around) the structure was easily packed up and moved. Using long poles as the frame, these were tied at the top and spread out to create the large space within. In the summer months, the covering outside would be raised to allow cool air to flow through.

    Good to know...

    Here at Horizon Experiences, you are in safe hands. We are fully insured and C-19 compliant and CE tested. Upon booking you'll receive all our terms and conditions, but if you have any concerns please feel free to get in touch. 

    Our DNA...

    Business values are how we remain focused on why Horizon Experiences exists. It gives us and our clients guidance on our work and a sense of security for our team and suppliers. Working to our values helps us to achieve our goals and visions.

    Customer Focus. Our clients feedback is more valuable then gold. A lot of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth, without feedback we can't strive for better and continue to grow. At Horizon Experiences we seek perfection, but we understand there is always room to improve. We understand you putting your trust into our business and team to deliver on your most important memories very seriously. We wouldn't be here without the trust from our clients.

    Shop Local. We are avid supports of #shoplocal. You will see regular promotional campaigns to encourage those around us to join in on the support. Here's just a few reason why shopping local is so important to us: 

    • Enable businesses to open their shop doors tomorrow and keep the local economy moving around us
    • Create local jobs
    • Help to create identity 
    • Support tradition 

    Providing life adventures and experiences. We live to experience adventures. Being able to provide a platform and environment for others to do the same is reason enough. 

    Unique. No 2 people are the same. No 2 experiences should be the same. You will never have the same setup or experiences twice. You won't find many mainstream themes here. Although, we do often adapt and feature on trend and current popular vibe so always best to get in touch to check. 

    Gallery of Experiences

    Here are just a few of the memorable experiences we have helped to create for our happy clients.


    Amazing company very friendly and made my lockdown birthday special! And they put all their effort in to make it looks as decorated and cosy as you would like. Highly recommend

    Stacey Bradbrook

    Great for all ages!

    Professional service, Gemma explained how they set up when we booked and asked us about what we wanted. We booked the cinema package the set up was great with lots of extras. The little heater was brilliant and meant we could camp out even in the colder weather. This was great for all ages and was a lovely way to create a birthday memory for my teenager.

    Laura Bull

    Silver Package

    Firstly we had the most amazing service from the team throughout - from booking to arriving for set up to packing away the following morning, everything was so well organised. The bell tent itself was the most beautiful thing ever. The amount of detail and effort that went into it was just incredible. From all of the gorgeous soft furnishings to the fairy lights, wax melts, heater and prosecco & treats were just faultless. I couldn't recommend it enough, it was truly magical for any occasion. Thank you so much, we will definitely be using your services soon!

    Movie Night Wigwam

    Had a movie theme teepee slumber party for my two as a joint birthday and it was amazing, professional and lovely. The price was great and the snack box and breakfast boxes were amazing too. My kids absolutely loved it and didn't want the tepees to go. Would highly recommend it.

    I can't recommend you enough. We've booked again for the summer!

    I booked with Horizon with the idea to plan a special night for my partner who I was going to ask to move in. During the first contact Gemma was great, asking a lot of questions about what I wanted to do and how I saw it playing out. We ended up bashing around some ideas and came up with the best set up that I couldn't have even dreamed off. video montage/music/carpet picnic. Like something out of a movie. The girlfriend loved it, she cried of happiness and moved in shortly after. We're now expecting our first baby! thank you so much Horizon Experiences.