Open Air Cinema

Escape the reality and join us in laughter, love, imagination and dreams.

A uniquely situated Open Air, Outdoor Cinema experience with state of the art technology and sound. 

We're busy working on the schedule for the upcoming seasons, check back in with us soon. 

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    At Horizon Experiences we work hard to bring the most memorable and iconic experiences, 

    To sum up a great film maker, David Lynch, "The cinema is really built for the big screen and big sound, so that a person can go into another world and have an experience".

    After 2020 and the limitations we've had, who wouldn't want to escape, and what's more, we'll be doing all this, Covid secure and in line with the most recent guidelines.

    Operating with the most recent, cutting edge technology, stunning backdrops, mouth-watering food and refreshing drinks, some of the greatest films ever produced and some of the most recent releases.

    Interested in booking an Open Air Cinema Screening?

    Since the strains of the last few years and the effect it's had on businesses across the UK, we've changed the way we work and now offer a much more consultative approach to your experiences. Weather you're looking to partner with us on a future event for your business or you want to hire us for a private booking, our staff are able to effectively and constructively work with you to get the best output's and help you reach your goals. With our years of event and business management experience we can help you achieve the very best out of your Horizon Experience.


    Public Screenings and Full Event Management or Partnership

    Public screenings are extremely popular, even post-pandemic we've seen a resilient audience flock from all over to join us for a night under the stars. Across the country you'll find the attraction, atmosphere and summer evenings filled with emotion, shared with friends and family. Watching the crowd enjoy themselves is what drives us. Just like P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman, we believe "The noblest art is that of making others happy"We're always so excited to start planning and managing an event from start to the very end. Open air cinema is in high demand and so careful pre-planning is key to making these every bit a success they can be. With our wealth of knowledge and experience we can help manage effectively and target the right audience for your business as well as ensuring that we put on a great show. 

    For a public screening we'll deliver the entire screening package on the day which will include the gigantic screen (fit for audiences of around 500 people), picture perfect HD projector and the ultimate sound system along with seating, and event space decorations, including lighting. 

    Some of the benefits to you: 

    • Expand your customer base
    • Highlight and show off the location and grounds 
    • Gather valuable future marketing data
    • Highlight or upsell current or future promotions
    • Take advantage of promotional and advertising materials throughout the campaign process including local PR and an experienced social media department
    • The opportunity to build in packages for your existing business (for example, ticket to screening + dinner and/or room)
    • Brand awareness 
    Option A: (Upfront cost payable plus additional travel costs). 
    Full Event Management Package
    Option B: (Some upfront costs with the majority to absorbed through ticket sales plus additional travel costs).
    Partnership Package

    20 ft screen; sound systems; HD projector; appropriate seating; event space lighting; signage; marketing & PR, including digital & print; film licenses; event organising including plans, assessments & notices; insurances; ticket sales; food & beverages; toilets. Suitable for super busy teams who can site back & reap the rewards and benefits. The most popular and cost effective option.

    Our experiences sales and marketing team will work you from the planning stage to ensure we have every basis covered. Typically we would plan a marketing strategy together; execute accordingly and work together on sales; event planning and risk assessments; packages; toilets; event notices. For teams who want more control with less of the upfront cost this is the best option.

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    Private Hire 

    Equally as popular as public screenings are private screenings. The world has shifted and many families and friends want to take advantage of a much more intimate setting at home. "Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory." Dr. Seuss. 

    We'll set-up at your chosen location, indoor or outdoors (it's a good idea to talk to us about your location so we can check space and power requirements) and take down at the end. We'll bring along all the equipment you'll need, including our high-quality 20ft inflatable screen, blower and picture perfect HD projector, great sound and lighting, and power cables, along with seating and blankets. Great for private parties, corporate events, weddings, and get-togethers. 

    Have a particular event you want to talk about? No problems, we can help with gaming nights, tournaments, finals and more. 

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    Coming Up Next...

    Coming Soon

    Date: Fri, October 2021

    Time: 20:00 - 23:00

    Location: To Be Announced

    About the movie

    Come back soon for more information. 

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    Amazing company very friendly and made my lockdown birthday special! And they put all their effort in to make it looks as decorated and cosy as you would like. Highly recommend

    Stacey Bradbrook

    Gold Package - Movie Night Theme

    We had the best time ever! Already shouting about you guys from the rooftops and will DEFINITELY be booking again in the furture.
    My eldest son said, "let's do this on a regular basis".

    Movie Night Wigwam

    Had a movie theme teepee slumber party for my two as a joint birthday and it was amazing, professional and lovely. The price was great and the snack box and breakfast boxes were amazing too. My kids absolutely loved it and didn't want the tepees to go. Would highly recommend it.

    Great for all ages!

    Professional service, Gemma explained how they set up when we booked and asked us about what we wanted. We booked the cinema package the set up was great with lots of extras. The little heater was brilliant and meant we could camp out even in the colder weather. This was great for all ages and was a lovely way to create a birthday memory for my teenager.

    Laura Bull

    I can't recommend you enough. We've booked again for the summer!

    I booked with Horizon with the idea to plan a special night for my partner who I was going to ask to move in. During the first contact Gemma was great, asking a lot of questions about what I wanted to do and how I saw it playing out. We ended up bashing around some ideas and came up with the best set up that I couldn't have even dreamed off. video montage/music/carpet picnic. Like something out of a movie. The girlfriend loved it, she cried of happiness and moved in shortly after. We're now expecting our first baby! thank you so much Horizon Experiences.